and cafes

The murals and typographic artwork on the walls of cafes, restaurants and hotels are results of creative thinking, designing excellence and pre-defined inspirational storytelling.

Restaurant and cafe wall art, can help bring an establishment together and create a welcoming atmosphere for patrons.

That is, if you work with us to pick the best pieces for your needs. Fine dining restaurants will typically have a different artistic feel than, say, a quick service cafe.


It’s essential to select artwork that reflects the overarching theme of the experience you want to offer. A charming and eccentric coffee shop is going to have different artistic needs than a five-star French bistro.


The type of establishment you run, your target clientele, and the ambiance you’re after should inform your restaurant interior design. Whether you run a contemporary gastropub or a nostalgic diner, the art you choose should be perfectly suited to your motif and message. 


Let’s complete the interior design of your cafe or restaurant now.


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